Petition the Mayor of Salt Lake City to create a zero waste plan

Dear Mayor Mendenhall,

Climate change is the greatest threat of our time and we must do everything we can to stop it. One powerful thing America’s cities can do to fight the climate crisis is make a Zero Waste plan. Adopting zero waste practices saves cities money, creates jobs, improves public health, protects marginalized communities and lowers a city’s emissions. We call on you, the Mayor of Salt Lake City, to take a stand not only for the planet, but also for young people everywhere by fighting the climate crisis and making a Zero Waste plan for Salt Lake City.

What’s zero waste? Zero waste means limiting a city’s solid waste generation by focusing on responsible production, reuse and recovery of products.

Here is a resource on how to make a Zero Waste plan:

And here is a resource on the benefits of making a Zero Waste plan:

Thank you for your consideration.