Tell CVS to Skip the Slip

As a concerned consumer, I urge CVS to adopt more sustainable practices to curb the waste of natural resources and health risks of thermal paper receipts. The environmental impacts of paper receipts are enormous and unnecessary, since there is a wide range of digital receipt options for retailers. And using receipts coated with Bisphenol S (BPS), a substance linked to endocrine-disrupting health problems, poses risks to workers and customers. 

I appreciate that CVS has a digital option available for its customers, but your company’s failure to promote this option and continued use of BPS receipts means that the vast majority of your customers are receiving receipts that are bad for them, for your employees, and for the planet. 

I am joining Green America in requesting that CVS adopt sustainable receipt practices to satisfy customer needs and curb environmental and health effects. I ask your company to expand its digital receipt option to be readily accessed by all customers and for phenol-free, recyclable paper options in all stores by 2020.