Director of Content

Why this job is important

One would think that faced with the greatest threat ever to human civilization, all members of our society would pull together to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Sadly, this is not the case. Vested interests like the fossil fuel industry have successfully delayed meaningful action for decades, with growing dire consequences.  And time is short.

But there is a way we can overcome their resistance: public opinion.

Public opinion is the only effective counterweight to the immense power of the fossil fuel industry. The industry knows this, which is why it spends hundreds of millions of dollars trying to shape public opinion with disinformation. Even dictators like Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi Jinping know this, which is why they go to extreme lengths to suppress free speech and control the state media. Public opinion can sweep everything and everyone in its path.

So, our opinions really do matter. They are our superpower. And the Climate Action Now app is our opinion multiplier.  But our opinions don’t count for much if we don’t express them. Here’s where the Climate Action Now app shines. It provides an endless stream of well-researched, well-written, personalized messages that you can send to political and business leaders advocating for climate action in just seconds with just a few touches! And people learn a lot about the issues and earn real trees as you go. The Climate Action Now app is our opinion amplifier. 

That’s why this job is so important. Your mission will be to provide CANdoers with an endless stream of well-written, well-researched, timely, and relevant actions to take with the app. And you’ll collaborate closely with other members of our team to grow our audience of app users.  This is a job that can make a huge difference for the planet.


  • Is Climate Action Now a nonprofit organization?  If not, why not?

    Climate Action Now is legally incorporated as a public benefit corporation. We are in the process of applying for certified B Corp status.  Click here if you’d like an explanation of the difference between a public benefit and a nonprofit. Our public benefit corporate status is what allows us to offer stock options for this position while nonprofits are not able to do so.

    As you may know, nonprofits accept limitations on the type and amount of political advocacy they can do in exchange for their tax-exempt status. Our founder and CEO, Brett Walter, believes the climate crisis is so acute that he wants the absolute minimum constraints on the company’s advocacy. Rather than being dependent on donations, CAN’s business model is to support itself by selling planet-friendly services, like our Planet-Saving Subscriptions.

    Otherwise, Climate Action Now looks and behaves like most nonprofits.  We are mission-focused, and we are not doing it for the money. Except for a couple of paid positions like the one offered here, everyone who works for Climate Action Now, including Brett, is a volunteer.  Brett and a handful of investors provided most of the startup funding for Climate Action Now, but unlike the Executive Directors of nonprofits, Brett has never taken a salary and has no plans to do so. We have a laser focus on empowering concerned citizens to take climate action.

Why is the Climate Action Now app so successful?

When we launched the CAN app on Earth Day 2021, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project conducted a pilot with three of its chapters.  They documented that supporters using the CAN app recorded 29 times more actions than supporters using conventional advocacy tools. The average CANdoer — people who use the Climate Action Now app — takes an average of 10 actions a day, as compared to 1 to 2 actions a week by people using conventional advocacy tools. If you view the Community Feed in the CAN app, you’ll see people taking action after action after action

Our “secret sauce” is that we make it super easy and rewarding for concerned citizens to advocate for systemic action on climate.  We are happy that other apps focus on counting carbon footprints and make lifestyle changes. That’s important. But we are laser-focused on bringing about systemic change. We have demonstrated again and again that relatively small groups of people can use the app to help pass critical legislation and regulations — actions necessary to create the speed and scale necessary to solve the climate crisis.

How To Apply

Please send an email to with a resume and cover letter explaining why this is a good fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you!