Shop(less) Principles

Shop Less. Do More.

What’s the best thing you can do for the planet? Most people don’t realize it, but the way most of us contribute to global warming is through what we buy. Everything we buy causes emissions. But by shopping smart we can dramatically reduce our emissions. But let’s be realistic. We need some things. For products like soap and shampoo, we can buy in bulk or from “no waste” vendors. For other products you can rent or borrow or buy used, recycled or reclaimed products. When we use what already exists, we keep those materials out of the landfill (or ocean, etc.) and use no or less carbon-producing energy. Thanks to “fast fashion” Americans put 14 million tons of textiles in landfills each year. That’s just crazy. So, slow down your purchases. By shopping less (and smarter) you do more for the planet.

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Shop(less) Principles

  • 01.

    We encourage switching to products that are necessary but better for the planet. For example, most people agree we need toilet paper. But paper made from bamboo is more sustainable than paper made from Canada’s boreal forests. Likewise, switching to shampoo that minimizes packaging is better than buying it in a plastic jug.

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    We offer solar and wind power products and services that allow consumers to switch their reliance on non-renewable energy to safe, clean and efficient alternatives.

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    We feature quality products that are gently-used or overstocked, like apparel. We need clothes. But purchasing goods that would otherwise end up in a landfill is money-smart and planet-friendly.

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    We curate goods made from reclaimed or recycled materials like wood, metal and cotton. Again, purchasing these products helps to minimize what ends up in landfills and/or pollutes the land, water or air. Oftentimes, these goods are made by small U.S.-based businesses.

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    We encourage people to support land protection where they live and offer the opportunity to purchase environmentally threatened acreage around the world.

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    Lastly, we offer carbon offsets. We’re realists. Every action a consumer takes is not going to be carbon-neutral. Yet, offsets allow the purchaser to, in effect, invest in a certified carbon-fighting project that will make a positive impact on climate change, thus “offsetting” carbon producing activities.