Shop(less), but better

We humans love to shop and consumerism is a big reason our planet is in crisis. Practically everything we buy contributes to global emissions and pollution through manufacturing, delivery, use and disposal. We need to change the way we live and how we buy, quickly. Below we feature ways to buy that help heal the planet, not harm it. Read about our Shop(less) principles.

We encourage you to Shop(less)

Explore our Eco-friendly marketplace featuring retailers selling gently used and upcycled products, and many other sustainable items. Our Planet-Saving Subscriptions provide meaningful contributions to active, planet-saving programs. Lastly, our Green Group Buys allow people to team up with other concerned citizens to get deep savings on green goods.

Planet-Saving Subscriptions

Start helping today. On your behalf we’ll plant trees, protect sensitive ecosystems and offset carbon emissions via certified projects managed by our non-profit partners.

Green Group Buys

The more the merrier. When you team up with other climate-concerned citizens we’re able to offer deep discounts on green goods, sometimes with zero-waste. Always at a great value.

Eco-Friendly Marketplace

Explore dozens of retailers featuring a wide-range of upcycled, recycled, rentable and ownable goods - often better the second time around. Without sacrificing style.