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    How It Works

    The Climate Action Now app makes it exceptionally easy to take meaningful climate action on your phone in just seconds or minutes. Most actions you take earn points, and when you’ve earned enough points, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf.

    Planting trees is always a good thing. As trees grow they remove carbon dioxide from the air, storing the carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. But our tree planting partner goes beyond simple reforestation and benefits local populations, saving lives and livelihoods.

    Save a life because our tree planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, focuses on underdeveloped and impoverished regions of the world.

    Save a life because Eden uses an “employ to plant” strategy, restoring the environment but also providing needed jobs so the local economy can grow.

    Save a life because with restoration of farming, animal habitat and more job opportunities, extreme poverty decreases and people gain opportunity and empowerment.

    Earn a tree when you’ve earned enough badges. (You earn a badge on any day in which you earn at least 1,000 points.)

    Earn a tree when a friend downloads the Climate Action Now app at your recommendation and takes an action.

    Earn a tree when you complete a “streak” of climate actions, such as calling your U.S. Representative 10 days in a row.

    Working Together

    We are bringing together individuals, governments, businesses, schools and other organisations for a better climate and a better future. There's a lot we can, and we must achieve with the aid of our partners and project collaborations.

    Why Climate Action Now?

    Because everybody needs a way to get involved. We realize most people can’t devote their lives to working on climate solutions, but everybody has a few extra minutes throughout their day, whether standing in line or waiting for an appointment, and most of us have a phone at the ready. If we have installed the Climate Action Now app on our phones, then we have everything we need to add our voices and our energy to the groundswell of people calling for a new and better, sustainable world. Now, while there is still time to make a difference.

    We are Climate Action Now. And we’re in a fight for our lives.
    For our planet. For all of us. All races. All colors. All creeds.
    Political and apolitical.
    Left, right or center.
    There’s room in this tent.
    For everyone. Together, we embrace our obligation.
    Individually and collectively.
    To use the power, in our hands, to take a thousand actions.
    That add up. And make a difference.
    We can do this. We will do this.
    We are Climate Action Now.

    We are in business to save the planet and we are committed to making a difference - channeling our frustration, anger and fear by launching an app that will put thousands of planet-saving actions at the fingertips of millions. Actions that can be taken in just seconds or minutes. We can do this.

    We can change behaviors. We can change attitudes. We can help change laws. We can change what people consume. We can change the trajectory of global warming if we all work together, each doing our own small part. The collective actions of all of us around the world can bring about positive change.

    This is important work. It has become our life’s work. There is much to be done, and everybody can help. For our kids. For our grandkids. And for all life on the planet. Join us. Help us.

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