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Climate Action Now makes a difference. Since we launched the app on Earth Day 2021, users have taken over 2,361,700 actions, sent over 2, 105,000 messages to political and business leaders urging climate action, and planted over 245.000 trees.

Our Climate Action Parties have attracted A-List speakers and drawn hundreds of people to online events where they have helped stop pipelines, reform our agricultural system, and get out the environmental vote. Check out our Schedule of Action Parties.

We guided our community to support the immensely important Inflation Reduction Act, and while many people worked for its passage, the app helped our users punch well above their weight with letters, phone calls, and petitions.

And we have had untold, immeasurable “ripple” impacts — such as inspiring people to install solar panels, buy EVs, change their diets, and influence others to do the same.

All this, of course, costs money. Your non-deductible donation will help us continue this important work.

Thank you!

The Climate Action Now Team