Give the Gift of Habitat

The loss of natural habitat is the primary cause of global declines in biodiversity and animal populations.  But you can help!


Surprise and delight a friend, family member, employee, or anyone else by buying and preserving forever on their behalf a portion of the Pueblo and Trout Creek Mountains in Oregon’s high desert, an oasis for wildlife. Learn more about the area your dollars will help preserve forever.

  • .25 Acres
  • .5 Acres
  • 1 Acre
  • 1.5 Acres
  • 2 Acres
  • 3 Acres
  • 4 Acres
  • 5 Acres
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How Does It Work?

  1. Place your order.  Complete and submit the order form above.
  2. Get your receipt.  Receive an email that confirms your order.
  3. Your friend is notified.  We’ll email your friend telling them about your gift. See sample.
  4. We purchase the land.  At the beginning of each month, we’ll purchase the promised acres of The Diablo Mountain Wilderness Study Area, an oasis for wildlife in the Sagebrush Sea, through  Learn more.
  5. We are audited and certified.  Every quarter, a leading green certified, GreenCircle Certified audits our operation and certifies that we made the promised number of purchases.

Note:  Gift purchases are not tax-deductible.