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If a loved one is no longer with us, consider planting trees in their memory. The trees live on, playing a major role in sustaining life on our planet by removing excess carbon from the atmosphere, creating much of the oxygen we breathe, fostering eco-diversity, rejuvenating the soil, and helping cool a warming world.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Place your order.  Complete and submit the order form above.

  2. If you choose, we’ll send a notification to the person you designate aboveSee sample.

  3. We purchase the trees. We’ll purchase the promised number of trees from Eden Reforestation Projects.

  4. The trees are planted.  Eden pays subsistence farmers in poverty-stricken parts of the world to plant and care for the trees.  Learn more.

  5. We are audited and certified.  Every quarter, a leading green certifier, GreenCircle Certified, audits our books and certifies that we purchased the promised number of trees.  See the latest certification.