Partners & Projects

Working Toward a Better World

Our partners are executing planet-saving projects across the globe.

We are all responsible.

Changing the trajectory of climate change is not going to happen by everyone becoming vegan. Or by buying only second-hand clothes. Nor will it be solved solely by corporations behaving better - whether due to public pressure, regulation, changes to consumer buying behavior or a higher sensitivity to social and environmental issues.

No. It’s going to take all of us.

Them. And us.

We have a responsibility, to humankind, to do better as individuals to take climate action by modifying our personal habits and behaviors. And, importantly, we have a responsibility to take climate action by making our voices heard, reaching out to the media, government representatives and corporate leaders. We must vote with our ballots and vote with our dollars, supporting the people, organizations and companies that embrace a relevant environmental agenda. As individuals and collectively, we can make a difference.

Earthlungs Reforestation Foundation

Tree Planting Partner

We searched for a tree-planting organization with impeccable credentials and a higher purpose and found that partner in Earthlungs Reforestation Foundation. As you earn points and take planet-saving actions using the Climate Action Now app, Earthlungs Reforestation Foundation will plant real trees on your behalf.

Earthlungs Reforestation Foundation

Partnership Highlights

Provides employment to approximately 5,000 people living in extreme poverty to serve as forest restoration agents.

Planting trees provides a natural barrier against flooding, tsunamis, and cyclones.

Planting trees prevents disasters such as landslides by stabilizing soil from the damaging effects of erosion.

Planting trees protects communities by restoring one of the first lines of defence against natural disasters.

Ecosystem Protection Partner provides a way for people to conserve land acre by acre, often for less than $100. The land can be gifted in the name of family, friends or in one’s own name as a legacy action. As a donor you will be provided images as well as latitude and longitude coordinates to visit the land.’s non-profit partners identify areas of high biodiversity or unique wilderness around the world that are ideal for conservation purchase. They develop a plan for cost-effective purchase and long-term conservation management before making the acreage available for purchase on the website.


Carbon Reduction Partner

The non-profit ClimeCo has a long-established history of supporting third-party validated and verified carbon reduction projects around the world.

We are thrilled to be partnered with ClimeCo. When you purchase carbon reductions from Climate Action Now, you are supporting a certified carbon-fighting project that will make a positive impact on climate change.