A Massive Win!

We were preparing the final big push for our STOP LNG Action Party with Bill McKibben and Dr. Robert Howard of Cornell University when a message from Bill popped up in our inbox with the subject line: “Um…I think we all just won.” 

The New York Times broke the story, and two days later the Biden Administration made it official: it was pausing approvals for new Liquid Natural Gas exports.

Folks, this is a big and historic victory. As McKibben put it in a subsequent newsletter:
This is the biggest check any president has ever applied to the fossil fuel industry, and the strongest move against dirty energy in American history.” 
As with so many other recent climate victories, CANdoers had their fingerprints all over this decision. Over the last few months we sent over 7,500 messages to President Biden, FERC, the Department of Energy, and other decision-makers advocating against this needless and dangerous expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

And it is very clear from the New York Times reporting that the Biden Administration was reacting to public pressure.

This bears out what we’ve said before: Public opinion is the only effective counterweight to the immense power of the fossil fuel industry.  Your opinion really does matter.  Your opinion is your superpower.  Keep sending those messages!

What now?

President Biden has done his part. Now it’s our turn to do everything we can to ensure his re-election and deny He Who Must Not Be Named another turn in the Oval Office. As frontline activist Roishetta Ozane observed, “if this administration is not re-elected, then everything he’s done on climate is going out the window.”

To that end, this week Climate Action Now is beginning a series of Get Out The Vote Action Parties at which we’ll give the spotlight to leaders of organizations that are getting out the environmental and youth vote.

We will create a CAN app campaign that will be a clearinghouse for “get out the vote” events happening all around the country and use our push notification feature to give CANdoers timely information about events in their cities and states. So make sure you have given us permission to send you Action of the Day notifications! Here’s how.

Our first such Action Party is this coming Tuesday with Nathaniel Stinnett of the Environmental Voter Project.  We have over 500 people registered so far.  The irrepressible Jessica Craven will moderate.

Please register for that event.

And THANKS AGAIN for raising your voices on this and other critical challenges.

Onwards and upwards!