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Give a Friend Cleaner Air

Less CO2 means cleaner air.  Tell us how many metric tons (MT) of CO2 reductions you want to buy for your friend, family member, employee, etc.

  • 1 MT (2.6 cars off the road*)
  • 2 MT (5.2 cars off the road*)
  • 3 MT (7.8 cars off the road*)
  • 5 MT (13 cars off the road*)
  • 10 MT (26 cars off the road*)
  • 20 MT (52 cars off the road*)
  • 100 MT (260 cars off the road*)
  • 1,000 MT (2,600 cars off the road*)
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How Does It Work?

  1. Place your order.  Complete and submit the order form above.

  2. Get your receipt.   Receive an email that confirms your order.
  3. Your friend is notified.  We’ll email an eco-certificate and notice to your friend telling them about your gift.  See sample.
  4. We purchase CO2 reductions.  Less C02 means cleaner air.  At the beginning of each month, we’ll purchase the promised tons of cleaner air by funding certified reforestation, clean energy, and energy efficient projects through Carbonfund.org.  Learn more
  5. We are audited and certified.  Every quarter, a leading green certified, GreenCircle Certified audits our operation and certifies that we made the promised number of purchases.  See the latest certification.

Note:  Gift purchases are not tax-deductible.