Support our Climate Action Parties

Support our Climate Action Parties

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An Action Party is an online event that packs valuable information and concrete action into a 60-minute venue.

Each Action Party has an environment-related topic and a featured guest who is an expert in that topic. We begin with a 20-minute presentation by the featured guest, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A, and then 20 minutes of optional action-taking with the Climate Action Now app.

The actions have been prepared in advance to help participants take the most impactful action in the shortest period of time. During the action segment, the party’s moderator sets a goal for the number of actions to be taken and shows participants their progress towards that goal in real-time with an online, automated goal tracker. Participants can socialize during the action segment.

Action parties are free and open to all, but we welcome your non-deductible gift to help us continue our mission of creating a just and liveable planet for all.