Sample Acreage Gift Email

Subject:  Matthew Vollrath has sent you a gift

A friend preserved forever 1 acre of vital ecosystem on your behalf!

Matthew Vollrath purchased this gift and included this message:

“Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

About This Gift

On your behalf, Matthew purchased 1 acre of the Diablo Mountain Wilderness Study Area in Oregon’s high desert.

Matthew purchased this gift through Climate Action Now, which has partnered with to help preserve forever unique wilderness and high biodiversity areas around the world.

A leading green certifier, GreenCircle Certified, audits and certifies this program.

The Diablo Mountain Wilderness Study Area is home to mule deer and one of the largest flocks of snow geese in the United States. It is also home to significant cultural history including the Paisley Cave, one of the oldest studied prehistoric sites in North America.  A portion of this area will now be preserved in perpetuity on your behalf.

We hope you enjoy this gift.