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Sample Tree Gift Email

Subject:  Matthew Vollrath planted trees on your behalf

Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects

You just planted 20 trees!

Matthew Vollrath purchased this gift in your name and included this message:

“Happy Father’s Day, Dad”

About This Gift

  • Climate Action Now pays Eden Reforestation Projects to help subsistence farmers in poor countries plant and care for the trees.

The world’s scientists say that we cannot preserve a livable world simply by reducing emissions.  We must also draw gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere in the next few decades.

Nature-based solutions like planting trees are critical to this effort.  Not only do trees sequester lots of carbon, but they also create much of the oxygen we breathe, preserve eco-diversity, rejuvenate the soil, and provide shade in a warming world.

We hope you enjoy this gift from Matthew.